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Welcome to our web site!
       We pride ourselves in providing customers with the best-quality products and personal service. You can order from us using our online  secure link with a credit card, or, by  mail, by contacting us with a money order at the address below.  The product is made in AMERICA and  is now made available to you !           For only $30  and free postage !! Great for parents and elderly-and anyone!
       The REMOTE STABILIZER  will make your life easier and , of course, stabilize the remote for quick channel switching and "surfing".
For use  at home, in the car, on a boat, in a classroom----anywhere  !!!, you will not have to search under magazines or toys, and your hands will be free . The RemoteStabilizer simply attaches to your forearm; one finger touches  a button when needed.   It is made of comfortable cotton, is 4"x2 1/2",and slips easily onto the forearm with  elastic. A receiving-velcro strip on the stabilizer  holds  the remote control device. (Two velcro tabs are sent with your order  which you stick on your favorite remote.       Then , relax , eat, drive, whatever  --- knowing the location of the remote , and  easily accessing it. )  For receiving important cell phone calls with the stabilizer as an aid: two velcro tabs are put on back of phone, use speaker function, and drive safely.  This also may matter to you: $1 from each order  will go to Affordable Living Services, a national non-profit, that works to stabilize  homeless people.Your Stabilizer is a reminder that YOU have helped!              See the photos ,  and  place your order  for more COMFORT  and CONVENIENCE in your life!   It is a wonderful and inexpensive gift; order more than one , or order just one now.   
                         THIRTY DOLLARS!!!

        Enjoy the product and tell others about it.  
The lower  photo shows the stabilizer that we will send with  the two velcro tabs.   Enjoy!
          Credit Cards are accepted--just hit the Buy Now button .       
Thank You!                


As an alternative ,you may purchase by mail,with a money order. Mail to: R-Stabilizer, PO Box 919, Flint Mi 48501

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